“BELLISIMO!!!! I saw the DVD and was just thrilled at the level of creativity, vision, and passion you have behind the camera.  Very impressive.  Thank you so much for sharing.  We look forward to working with you in the future. Stay in touch!”


“Wow! We are speechless after watching our wedding video!  Thank you for all your efforts, from getting to know us, shooting the event itself, and finally what must’ve been a lot of hard work in the editing stage. We really appreciated that you wanted to see what our vision for the vibe and feel of the wedding would be, and what our personalities were like before the event.  The video itself captures us, as well as the timeline of our wedding day, and that makes it really memorable.. We’ll never forget all of your acrobatics behind the camera! After watching the final product, we can see why you did everything from lie on the floor to jump off tables. The movement and color you put together are so artistic and beautiful. The 8mm sequences were our favorites - and so unexpected! After shopping around, we thought we’d have to spend a fortune to get the level of artistry that you provided! We are so lucky and happy to have found an artist like yourself, and will always treasure the moments that you captured for us.  Your work speaks for itself, but we will pass  along your name with the highest accolades, and let us know if you ever need a reference in the future!”

Jason and Andrea Crespo - THE INSPIRADOR

“Way to go with the wedding DVD’s! The “music video” was awesome and you did a great job capturing the special day with the rest of the footage, especially the personal “congrats” from family and friends. Happy New Year!”

Kristine and Jon Dolgarrd - THE MILLENNIUM

“Michael is a true professional and an absolute joy to work with.  I have had the pleasure of hiring him for two of my most important events at the resort.  The final products were amazing and truly captured the emotion, style and flavor of each event.  His passion for his craft is exciting and full of energy!  I look forward to working with Michael on many, many more events.”

Kimberly Thompson - FIRESKY RESORT

“I just watched it last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a great great great great job. Very Cine.”


“I love the video-thank you so much for helping us to make this video so special, I know that I will watch it for years to come -you are AWESOME!”


“Hello Michael, First I want to thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the wedding. We just viewed the DVD this past weekend and what can I tell you, it was awesome. I think you were able to capture the true ambiance of the day. One of my best decisions was to trust you with the event. Anyone who has seen the DVD said that “it was as if they were there” I anticipate that you don’t have any difficulty booking events, but it need be I would love to give you any reference you need. I still have another son to get married and if you have no objections, when the time comes, I would approach you with an opportunity for you and your wife to visit Canada. Again I was extremely happy with the way it all turned out and we have something to remind us of our special day in years to come. Thank you very much Michael. Job WELL DONE. Best regards”


"I am so glad I chose Cinezona Films to be the videographer for the most important day of my life. The process from the beginning was easy and stress free. Michael is so much fun to work with! I could tell just by watching him at our wedding that we were going to get some great shots and a very unique video. Then the DVD came- AMAZING!!! It perfectly captured every moment and emotion. It was like watching a real Blockbuster movie, just about me and my husband. I know I will watching it for a lifetime and will able to re-live the whole day. My wedding was something I wanted to be absolutely perfect and it was! I would highly recommend Michael and Cinezona Films!"

Cody and Jessica Mugleston - HYATT GAINEY RANCH

“Simply put our wedding film is absolutely beautiful!  It is so much more than Brad and I could ever have expected or imagined.  You didn't just capture the moments of our day, you soaked up every little detail through your lens and captured the very essence of the full experience.  Your passion and enthusiasm to be there filming our wedding was evident even before the day had arrived and you were behind the camera. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have worked with you!  Your vision created a true gift for us that we will treasure throughout the years. 

Warmest Regards, Rachel and Brad”    

Rachel and Brad Carney - TLAQUEPAQUE, SEDONA

“Michael is AMAZING. We could not have found a better, more professional, creative cinematographer to work with. Aside from having a fantastic personality, Michael was completely into the fact that we're both performers (he's one, too!) and wanted footage that wasn't cookie-cutter or cheesy. He was also completely fine with the fact that my husband is doing the editing and tailored a package to fit our needs and budget!

Up to the wedding, he was always extremely prompt with email responses, and any question we had, he was happy to answer it. We met with him twice before the wedding, once to initially meet & hire him and once to give him all of our info and talk him through our venues and our day.

Michael was EVERYWHERE the day of the wedding, yet completely unobtrusive. Seriously, he's like a Ninja with a really good camera. He caught details that I would never have expected a videographer to notice or document, and he had such an appreciation for everything we put together four our wedding. Michael is the kind of person you want to have around you on one of the biggest days of your life - and it speaks to his professionalism and personality that the rest of our vendors really enjoyed working with him as well.

After the wedding, he transferred the digital video onto an external hard drive for us (we picked one up at Best Buy) within a few days, and we also got the original tapes. Good thing, since fast forward a year later, I accidentally broke the external with all the footage, and we had to have him burn it for us onto a new drive, which he did, no questions asked. THAT is service with a smile.

Michael is someone anyone would be lucky to work with, we highly recommend him.”

Nick and Christie Cartell - Japanese Friendship Garden

“Let me start by saying this is going to be an absolutely resounding endorsement for Michael Tassoni's art.  But first, some context.

I set out, upon advice from friends, convinced that we should just hire an inexpensive videographer to "document" the evening. "Just get raw footage on tape so it's captured for posterity," they said. But after seeing Tassoni's style, craftsmanship, and vision I became an unwavering advocate for the importance of a quality wedding cinematographer -- and of CINEZONAFILMS in particular.

Tassoni has the patience, dedication, and keen eye for detail of a great shooter. He documents details like a curator, finding the optimal splashes of color, light, shadow and contrast, and pans and zooms with film-like panache. You're left amazed by how well your details are showcased -- as if Tassoni was a partner in the preparations.  It's the little things, like for  us, he even captured the full moon!

Like any great artist, Tassoni creates a vision that carries each of his films.  For us that meant obsessing over finding the perfect songs and creating an authentic bi-cultural film, from a tea ceremony matched with explanatory voiceover, to his idea for bilingual opening and closing credits. Your film ends up bold, unique -- yours.

You'll be driven to watch your film obsessively on repeat.  And each viewing reveals just how perfectionistic Tassoni is during his countless hours in the editing suite.  He times sequences so they build up to crescendos in the music, like a splash in a pool; are synchronized, like umbrellas popping with the beat of a song;  and most importantly, so they highlight key voiceovers and capture the most emotional moments.

Long after our multiple viewing parties, I still can't stop raving about Tassoni and CINEZONAFILMS.  See what vision he has for you….”

Gregory and Winnie Fraser - THE SANCTUARY RESORT


We LOVE the video!!!! You did such an amazing job!!! Thank you thank you!!  We love all the music choices!!!  Thank you so much for everything!!


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